Bowmen of Skelmersdale

212. Compound Flight Bow. Bows so constructed that a mechanical advantage is obtained by the use of accessory limbs, levers, pulleys, eccentrics or similar devices.

(a) The weight of the bow shall not exceed 60 lbs measured at the break over point or position of normally drawn bow at which the bow’s maximum poundage is achieved.

(b) Keyhole type bows, forward handles and angle measuring device are permitted.

(c) Overdraws are permitted but no overdraw shall allow the point of the arrow to be drawn further back than the brace height of the bow.

(d) Any release aid used must be handheld.

213. Competition Between Bowstyles

(a) Bows that are recognised in Rules 202, 203, 204, 205, 206 and 206A may not be used in direct competition with bows recognised in Rules 207, 208 and 209. Competition on a handicap basis is not regarded as direct competition.

(b) Crossbowmen using bows recognised in Rules 210 shall shoot on separate targets from other archers and not compete with them

Rule 212

Other Flight Rules