Bowmen of Skelmersdale

206A American Flatbow

(a) Bow. The bow shall correspond to the traditional form of a longbow which means that when strung the string may not touch any other part of the bow but the string nocks. The bow may be made from any material or combination of material. The shape of the grip is not restricted. Centre shot is allowed. For women the bow will not be less than 150 cm in length, for men the bow will be not less than 160 cm in length – this length being measured on a strung bow between the string nocks all along the outside of the limbs. No weights, stabilisers or torque flight compensators are allowed

(b) String. The bow string may comprise of any number of strands which may be different colours and of the material chosen for the purpose. The string may have a centre serving to accommodate the drawing fingers, a single nocking point to which may be added serving(s) to fit the arrow nock as necessary, and to locate this point 1 or 2 nock locators may be positioned and at each end of the bowstring a loop to be placed in the string nocks of the bow when braced. The serving on the string must not end within the athlete’s vision at full draw. The bowstring must not in any way assist aiming through the use of a peephole, marking, or any other means. No lip or nose mark is permitted. String silencers are permitted provided they are located no closer than 30 cm from the nocking point.

(c) Arrowrest. If the bow has an arrow shelf, that shelf may be used as an arrowrest and it may be covered with any type of soft material. No other types of rest will be allowed. No drawcheck device may be used.

(d) Sight and Point of Aim. No sight or sightmark on the bow that help aiming or any other artificial point of aim is allowed.

(e) Arrows. Arrows shall have wooden shafts fitted with points of the field type or bullet, conical or cone shaped meant for wooden arrows. Only natural feathers will be used as fletching. Cresting may be applied. The maximum diameter of arrow shafts will not exceed 9.3mm; the points for these arrows may have a maximum diameter of 9.4mm. All arrows must be marked with the archer’s name or initials on the shaft. All arrows used at any end will carry the same pattern and colour(s) of fletching, nocks and cresting, if any.

(f) Hand Protection. Finger protection in the form of finger stalls or tips, gloves, shooting tab or tape (plaster) to draw, hold back and release the string is permitted.

(i) The finger protection must not incorporate any device to hold, draw and release the string.

(ii) An anchor plate or similar device attached to the finger protection (tab) for the purpose of anchoring is not permitted.

(ii) On the bow hand an ordinary glove, mitten or similar item may be worn but must not be attached to the grip.

Rule 206a

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