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Flight Archery can only take place where space permits usually in a protected area such as an aerodrome, subject to approval and access, since archers compete by shooting for maximum distances. Flight Archers shoot in various classes and weights and shoot six arrows at each "end" and then search for all of them marking the one which has been shot the furthest parallel to the datum line then marking this furthest one with an identifiable marker, the arrows can then be drawn from their landing sites. Alternative bows may be shot on subsequent "ends" and also marked as above with their bow types and weights. Only four ends are usual in one shoot (as per UK rules - in the US only one end is permitted).

There are many bow classes and bow weights that one can shoot in. The archer who shoots the furthest in their class is the winner. Flight archery relies on the finest in performance equipment and the search for better flight archery equipment has led to many developments in archery equipment in general, such as the development of carbon arrows.

At the end of the shoot, archers stand or sit by their furthest arrows while judges and their assistants measure the distances they were shot.

Flight Shooting Awards Scheme

Once an award is gained, a classification is retained until an improved classification is awarded.

The scheme applies to all permitted bowstyles and there are no separate awards for different bowstyles.

An archers can qualify as a Grand Master Flight shot, Master Flight Shot, or 1st Class Flight Shot at any Flight Shoot organised by Archery GB,a Regional Society or County Association under Archery GB Rules of Shooting.

Archers can qualify as Grand Master Flight Shot at any of the above except that the County Association Meeting must be the County Championships.

The Minimum distances:


•Grand Master Flight Shot 450 yards

•Master Flight Shot 340 yards

•1st Class Flight Shot 275 yards


•Grand Master Flight Shot 550 yards

•Master Flight Shot 440 yards

•1st Class Flight Shot 375 yards

Flight Archery

Flight Archery Rules

Flight Archery Rules