Bowmen of Skelmersdale
Clout Archery

Clout archery - Archers shoot from a set distance, at a zoned scoring area marked on the ground. In days gone by this would have been a large cloth or “clout’, in old English, laid on the ground. A lot of clubs use this as a break from target shooting and is a popular form of competition.


Scores shall be determined according to the distance of arrows at point of entry in

ground from centre of flag stick as follows:

Within a radius of 18 inches – 5 points

3 feet – 4 points

6 feet – 3 points

9 feet – 2 points

12 feet – 1 point

GNAS Metric Clout. The GNAS Metric Clout

is shot one-way. The minimum

distances for UK records are given below.

(The adult FITA Clout

distances are shown for information)

Gender/Age Bowstyle

All bows

Compound bows

Non-Compound bows

Gentlemen - 185m 165m

Ladies - 165m 125m

Junior Gentlemen under 18 125m

Junior Gentlemen under 16 110m

Junior Gentlemen under 14 90m

Junior Gentlemen under 12 75m

Junior Ladies under 18 110m

Junior Ladies under 16 90m

Junior Ladies under 14 75m

Distances Shot


180 yds


140 yds

Junior Gentlemen under 18

140 yds

Junior Gentlemen under 16

120 yds

Junior Gentlemen under 14

100 yds

Junior Gentlemen under 12

80 yds

Junior Ladies under 18

120 yds

Junior Ladies under 16

100 yds

Junior Ladies under 13

80 yds